WAAS Divisions & Centers

The World Academy continues to expand its network of regional centers with the establishment of a new office in Bucharest, Romania.

WAAS Divisions
SEED: The South East European Division of WAAS was formally established in November 2005 on the occasion of the World Academy's General Assembly held at Zagreb, Croatia. Ivo Šlaus is the President of SEED. The Academy’s Cadmus Journal is published in collaboration with SEED. Together with its partners SEED-WAAS has organized numerous international conferences, sessions during international conferences and meetings, including events at Banja Luka (2006, 2010), Barcelona (2010), Dubrovnik (2009, 2012), Istanbul (2006 and 2009), Ljubljana (2008), Podgorica (2009), Sarajevo (2006), and Zagreb (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013). 
WAAS Centers
Bucharest: WAAS has entered into agreement with the Romanian Ministry of Education to establish a center of the World Academy in Bucharest under the leadership of Emil ConstantinescuMember of the WAAS Board of Trustees and former President of Romania and Rector of the University of Bucharest. The Center will promote the activities of the Academy within Romania and in collaboration with other institutions in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Italy: The World Academy is proud to include the Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy as an official WAAS center. IACP is one of the largest psychological counselling and post graduate psychological education and training institutions for psychotherapists, teachers and counsellors in Italy, co-founded by the world-renowned psychologist Carl Rogers and WAAS Trustee Alberto Zucconi in 1979. Headquartered in Rome, IACP conducts research, training and consultancy to protect and promote human capital. IACP is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education for post-doctoral training courses and is an official Collaborating Centre of WHO and ILO on health promotion training and research. IACP is associated with the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, an international think tank and is a member of the International University Centre (IUC) of Dubrovnik. In 2012 it received from the American Psychological Association, Division 32, Bühler Award for outstanding and lasting contributions to humanistic psychology. In May 2010 IACP hosted a meeting of the Board of WAAS at its Florence offices. IACP is also one of the founding charter members of the World University Consortium and has offered its long experience in fund-raising to assist the Academy in financing its research projects.
Podgorica: At the invitation of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, WAAS established the Podgorica Centre in June 2012 under the leadership of Momir DjurovicPresident of MASA and Member of the WAAS Board of Trustees, when we jointly conducted a major conference and general assembly.
Pondicherry: The Mother's Service Society, a social science research institute based in Pondicherry, India, which has worked in close collaboration with WAAS since the late 1990s. Since November 2011, it officially serves as the Academy's administrative office and publishing center for Cadmus, Eruditio and WAAS newsletters, under the direction of Garry Jacobs, CEO of WAAS and Vice President of MSS and Ashok Natarajan, WAAS Fellow and Secretary of MSS. WAAS and MSS jointly conduct research on new economic theory, new paradigm, employment, individuality, transdisciplinary social science, mind and creativity, and related subjects. MSS also has a research team led by WAAS Associate Fellow Janani Harish supporting the activities of the World University Consortium on global higher education. MSS is a major donor for recent WAAS conferences, research projects and publications. Click here for a complete list of WAAS-MSS past activities.
Trieste: Since 2010 The Risk Institute has been collaborating with the South East European Division of WAAS and the Mother's Service Society to publish Cadmus Journal. In March 2013 Trieste became an official regional center of the Academy when it organized a major international conference, the Trieste Forum, on Impact of Science and Technology on Society and Economy. The Center is headed by Orio GiariniWAAS Trustee and Director of the Risk Institute, and Domenico RomeoWAAS Fellow and former Rector of the University of Trieste. The Institute was the major source of funds for the Forum and provides ongoing financial support for publication of Cadmus.
Zagreb: The International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems located in Croatia is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization headed by WAAS Fellow Neven Duić. SDEWES was approved as a WAAS Centre after conducting six highly successful conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems to provide a wider platform for communication and exchange of ideas between scientists and researchers that promotes multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability. WAAS has been a co-sponsor for a number of these conferences. The SDEWES centre promotes sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems through organization of courses, summer schools, public lectures, seminars and workshops and by providing professional opinion on important issues of sustainability. We are extremely pleased to include SDEWES in the WAAS network.
Zagreb: Collaborating since 2012 at the Dag Hammarskjold University College, the Zagreb Centre has been a focal point for organizing WAAS conferences in the region, including Actions to Enhance Global Security, a NATO funded symposium conducted in collaboration with the European Leadership Network at Zagreb on May 3-4, 2013 under the direction of Ivo ŠlausPresident of WAAS and Dean of DHUC.